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Affiliate Marketing 101

Complete beginner? Then you're in the right place. This video will teach you the basics of affiliate marketing. I'll teach you how it works, what affiliate programs are, how affiliate links work, and the web properties I use to post my affiliate links.

Start Learning Affiliate Marketing

Want to see one of my own personal affiliate projects? Want to start doing affiliate marketing? Then you'll want to watch this video cause I'm gonna teach ya how to do both.
I'll show ya one of my own personal affiliate websites (no one does this). I'll also give you the 3 steps to start doing affiliate marketing. You can literally copy me (in a different market) after you learn these 3 steps.

How to Pick a Niche for Affiliate Marketing

This video will take you through the exact steps needed in order to pick a good niche for affiliate marketing. Some of the things I'll cover in this video: why you need a niche, how to pick a niche, examples of niches, and an action plan for picking a niche that's good for you.

How to Make a Website in 20 Minutes (EZ, BEST, & CHEAP)

You might think making a website is difficult or expensive...Well let me prove you wrong in this video. If you follow the instructions in this video, you can have a site up in less than 20 minutes - even quicker (like 5 minutes) when you "get gud". This is the best way to put up a website. Why? Because you have the most control, it's the cheapest and ultimately, the lowest risk.

How to Get Traffic & Make Affiliate Sales

You can't make any affiliate sales without traffic. Is the invisible man going to purchase products from your affiliate links? No! We Need traffic! It's simple..If you get traffic, you make affiliate sales.
This video will teach you my favorite way to get traffic.

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Justin Meister

Justin Meister is a super duper dope entrepreneur and affiliate marketer. He only does what he feels like in life. He doesn’t have a 9-5 job. He doesn’t have a boss. He doesn’t wake up to an alarm. He doesn’t sit in traffic. Justin’s most ridiculous claim to fame is that he took a full month off to play video games and was STILL able to make the same amount had he worked. It’s all thanks to affiliate marketing! He now teaches entrepreneurs worldwide how to do the same.

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